Thornlands Medical Centre

The geometry of the single level building is established by the shape of the site and carpark. The entry is organised to address both street frontages and carparks which effectively divides the building into two parts – north and south. This simple parti assisted in providing a flexible tenancy configuration which is also comprehensible externally with the interlocking and overlapping forms.

The process for this building focused on rationalising the potentially conflicting requirements of a commercial function set within a residential context.

The building provides a high degree of natural light whilst maintaining privacy internally. A great portion of the building glazing is screened by externally mounted folded anodised aluminium blades. This effectively conceals the conventionality and simplicity of the glazing and wall cladding systems whilst providing a reasonably complex layer to the building. The anodised blades are vertically placed which activates the building at night by the staccato effect they have on passing traffic.