Boer War Memorial

The Boer War Memorial is contemplated as a very specific spatial, tactile and emotive experience to convey to contemporary culture the importance of a conflict that occurred over 100 years ago. The Boer War occurred during the birth of the Australian federation from a collection of 6 colonies. The affinity of the rural Australian people with the landscape, their skilled horsemanship and the emergence of the Light Horse contingents helped forge the self identity of the nation through the experience of this conflict. These images are still embedded in our shared mythologies of the Australian people.

It is this spatial expression of the volunteer solider floating above the landscape on horseback that we have abstracted to create a parti of the Australian spirit and character perched over the landscape of a foreign land. The Light Horse emu plumed hat is for us a beautiful element that was to generate the memorial’s primary motif – the emu plume – plucked from the emu on the run, we are told – the quintessential expression of audacity and cheek.

Contemplative memorial to the sacrifice and service of those that participated in the Boer War.

The National Boer War Memorial Association


Architect | Richard Kirk Architect