Busan Opera House

The proposed opera house for Busan represents a chance to capture and express a new cultural direction for the city. Busans identity is based on its unique and remarkable natural environment and a long history of independence met with a forward thinking that guarantees the growth of the city.

The opera house forms an integral part of the cities long term vision. Its design is critical as it forms the heart of a large redevelopment project and as such will be viewed as a platform by which the whole North Port redevelopment will be judged.

As well as establishing itself as an International tourism attraction, the opera house will provide a cultural venue that competes on a global level. It provides a facility that combined with the extensive renewal of Busan North Port will further Busans image as an international city, a hub for marine-side creativity and trade.

Opera Theatre, Multi-purpose Performance Theatre, Mixed-use Threatre

Busan Metropolitan City

60,000m 2


Architect | Richard Kirk Architect