Musgrave Park Cultural Centre

RKA was commissioned, in association with Innovarchi, to project manage and design a new Cultural Centre for the Aboriginal Community. The scheme acts as a meeting space for community gatherings and an art gallery.

Our approach is to achieve a high degree of transparency between inside and outside and to treat interior spaces as a field of spaces. The form of the building was to be a simple series of wraps – where walls and roof merge – the fundamentals of enclosure.

Contemporary ‘Aboriginal Architecture’ is defined in the design intent as an intervention (building, landscape or both) on a site that in some way generates an Aboriginal quality about itself. We believe that the development of Aboriginal qualities can best be achieved as part of the design process, more so than as the result of a search for suitable formal architectural expression or use of symbolism.

Formally the building design presents an Aboriginal culture that will be conveyed as overtly contemporary and urbane.

The project will also adopt best practice ESD principles.

Covered open area, exhibition space, flexible meeting rooms, outdoor amphitheatre and office rooms.

Musgrave Park Community Centre & Arts Queensland

2,500m 2


Architect | Richard Kirk Architect & Innovachi
Landscape Architect | SPLAT
Structural & Civil Engineers | Cardno
Electrical Engineer | DMA
Hydraulic Engineer | NDY
Mechanical Engineer | DMA
Lighting | DAS
Access Consultant | John Deshon Architect
Acoustic Engineer | Ron Rumble