Sentul Aged Care Community Centre

KIRK were successful in the limited design competition for Sentul Aged Care Community Centre, Malaysia. The Centre caters for seniors, their families, caregivers, and the broader community offering services for recreation and care to elderly participants.

The planning and tectonics are derivative of traditional local vernacular whilst adaptability is optimised with the simple modular structure. This allows a flexibility in program that can cater for diverse modes – larger spaces suitable for dining, exercise, arts, seminars and library space to smaller configurations suitable for personalised services including counselling, medical consultation and rehabilitative therapies.

The central courtyard is the key space of the building that embodies an inclusive public realm, organises movement and provides clear way finding. The flanking side pavilions house the functional program and assume a domestic scale and massing that is deliberately de-institutionalised to make a place that is welcoming and a ‘home away from home’.

The building is transparent and permeable with a continuous connection to landscape elements including roof top gardens, water, window seats and informal social breakout spaces where both the interior and exterior become extensions of public and social space.

Through the use of durable, resilient and low maintenance materials and innovative sustainable building technologies the building targets a zero carbon footprint providing a benchmark in passive energy techniques.

Sentul Aged Care Community Centre

Elderly Day Care Centre integrating mixed use flexible spaces suitable for dining, exercise, arts and crafts, counselling, medical consultation and rehabilitative therapies.


850sqm GFA

Limited Design Competition Winning Entry

Architect | Richard Kirk Architect