Chasely Street Apartments

This medium density dwelling project authentically reflects the inner urban location, sub-tropical climate, and proximity to the transport infrastructure while demonstrating how a wide range of Environmentally Sustainable Design initiatives can be utilised in a development of this scale within an infill site. The design produces 21 dwelling units on a typical 800m2 allotment located near a railway station on the Ipswich line to the City Centre.

The dwelling units are located on the corners of the plan to allow cross ventilation to all spaces. The simple expression of concrete frame with lightweight and operable screen systems is an effective way to modulate privacy, sunlight and breezes. Operable timber screened balconies ensure there is an engagement between the building and the street. The street setback is landscaped with a screened fence on the boundary to acknowledge the boundary to the public realm.

Studio apartments, 2 bed apartments, open terrace with BBQ and pool area, on grade car park.

Toohey Properties Pty Ltd

6,200m 2


Architect | Richard Kirk Architect