Port Dickson Villa

Designed as a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur, a simplicity of planning guides the design and focuses on the nuances of experience in a re-connection with landscape and nature.

This villa is a holiday retreat located along a tidal coastline estuary at the fringe of a small village. Discreetly screened and granted privacy from the surrounding context behind a brick wall, a courtyard typology is developed with 2 pavilions overlooking a cultivated landscape towards the natural estuary edge beyond.

Given the intermittent use of the retreat, planning is deliberately simple and movement through the site crafted so that the experience of occupation recalls the memory of camping. Living and sleeping pavilions, separated by a swimming, have large sliding panels that open fully, and close in response to mode of occupation, security, privacy and weather conditions.

Large overhangs offer protection from the extremes of the tropical climate. The materiality of the building is minimal and honest, expressed clay brick screening walls and sealed concrete flooring. Sustainable and durable local hardwood is used externally and internally, suitable for both the seafront environment and the local context.

Weekend House

MYR $ 1,200,000