AIICS Stage 1

RKA was commissioned to develop a long-term masterplan and staging strategy for the Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School (AIICS), which caters to the needs of the broader Indigenous community of Brisbane’s south west.

Primarily, the new masterplan aims to address the need for additional accommodation due to the dramatic growth in student numbers, the need for culturally appropriate building form and spaces, and the need to relocate the school away from a major road.

Over time, the site planning, building forms, materials, and details will work in conjunction to give the school its own identity as an important landmark facility within the broader Indigenous community.

Teaching and learning buildings, art block and commercial-grade kitchen facilities

Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School

Completed 2005

Architect | Richard Kirk Architect
Structural & Civil Engineers | ABC Consulting Engineers
Electrical Engineer | DMA
Hydraulic Engineer | Hamilton Design
Mechanical Engineer | DMA
Contractor | Badge Constructions